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Bachelor of Theology

Program Description (4 years program)
The Bachelor of Theology (B.TH.) program offers students an opportunity to explore, academically and critically, the traditional Christian faith and practice. This program emphasizes systematic, comprehensive, and critical study of the Christian Scriptures and of major Christian theological doctrines, spiritual disciplines, and ministry practices.


Admission Requirement
Anyone possessing a high school diploma or its equivalent meets the basic requirement for ad-mission to the program.


Program Requirements
Students receive the Bachelor of Theology degree when they fulfill the following program requirements:

•  The general education requirement: 60 units
•  The Bible and theology requirement: 80 units
•  Unit requirement: A minimum of 180 units
•  Residence requirement: 80 units to be taken at Francis University

Program Objectives
• To provide a basic knowledge of general education with a Christian world view that can be used in all areas of life.
• To provide students with a practical Biblical foundation for Christian living.
• To prepare students to effectively serve in a chosen field of ministry
• To enable students to be conversant in the fields of theology and history of Christianity.
• To engender a grasp of academic study of the Bible, from a number of critical perspectives and hermeneutical methodologies.
• To be able to integrate the historical-critical study of the Bible into a faith environment, such as parish and community contexts of living Christian traditions.
• To prepare the student for further academic study, if desired, in the field of Biblical Studies.


General Education Requirements: 60 units

Humanities (A minimum of four courses) 16 units
PHL 111 Introduction to Philosophy 4 units
PHL112 Logic 4 units 
PHL 212 Introduction to Ethics 4 units
HUM 101 Human Growth & Development 4 units
MUS 103 Music Appreciation 4 units
Communications (A minimum of two courses) 8 units
ENG 101 English Composition 4 units
ENG 102 English Literature 4 units
COM201 Public Speaking 4 units
COMM204 Oral Communication Skills 4 units
COMM103 Presentation Skills 4 units
Social Science (A minimum of six courses) 24 units
HIS 101 History of Western Civilization I 4 units
HIS 102 History of Western Civilization II 4 units
HIS105 American History 4 units
POSC102 American Government 4 units
SOC 301 Introduction to Sociology 4 units
SOC 302 Contemporary Social Problems 4 units
PSY 205 Introduction to Psychology 4 units
Mathematics/Science (A minimum of three courses) 12 units
BS 110 General Biology 4 units
MATH 101 College Mathematics 4 units
MATH102 College Algebra 4 units
MATH301 Introduction to Statistics 4 units
PB150 Human Anatomy 4 units


Bible and Theology Requirements: 80 units

Bible 28 units
NT203 Synoptic Gospels 4 units
NT205 Life and Teachings of Christ 4 units
NT305 Pauline Epistles 4 units
OT305 Pentateuch 4 units
OT315 Introduction to the Prophets 4 units
OT415 Prophets (Minor) 4 units
OT425 Prophets (Major) 4 units
Professional Ministry 8 units
PRA410 Homiletics 4 units
PRA415 Pastoral Counseling 4 units
Church History 8 units
HIS305 Church History I 4 units
HIS306 Church History II 4 units
Theology 20 units
THE401 Systematic Theology I 4 units
THE402 Systematic Theology II 4 units
THE415 Apologetics 4 units
THE511 Biblical Theology I 4 units
THE512 Biblical Theology II 4 units
Bible and Theology Electives 16 units
  Elective 4 units
  Elective 4 units
  Elective 4 units
  Elective 4 units

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