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Francis University
1063 N. Chicago Street
Los Angeles, CA 90033
Tel: 1.323.576.2033
Fax: 1.323.576.2003


Campus Location and Facilities

Our campus is located in the city of Los Angeles near downtown area.

Los Angeles is the center of diversity. The community of Los Angeles has a strong business and employment infrastructure that our student body enjoys. Local stores include wholesale markets, cleaners, and convenience stores. Local restaurants include various restaurants as well as most fast food establishments. Francis students have found it to their advantage to live in a community that has adapted to the employment needs of college students.

We’re blessed with 12 large and small classrooms, administration and faculty offices, student lounge, computer lab, reading room, library and conference room.

The administrative area houses administrative and faculty offices, and the student lounge.

While Francis does not operate a dormitory or other student housing facility, we are familiar with the residence hotels, apartments, and other facilities that our students have chosen. We will be happy to help you find the house of your preferences.

The library contains over 15,000 volumes as well as periodicals and multimedia resources. The catalog and many resources are available on computers located in the library.