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Welcome to Francis University!

It is our great pleasure to welcome you, the students to Francis University. Francis is a new and exciting venture in Los Angeles in the education of students into the grand traditions of Christianity. You will embark on studies in Enlightenment methods of understanding the formation and transmission of the Bible, the founding and growth of the Early Church, the spread of Christianity throughout the world, the development of its theologies, its encounter with Islam and the Renaissance and its renewal in the Reformation. It will be an exciting adventure for you, and we here at Francis stand ready to assist all we can to understand the broader context of the kind of Christianity you learned at home and at your church, within the kinds of Christianity in the broader world around you.

By coming to study at Francis you have decided to work with that gift and to try to understand what it means for you individually and for church and society at large. We pray for each of you all the power God can give you to make the most of what is offered you here and to make the most of your lives from this point forward in your ministry.

Please come and contact us to know more about our school. We like to share with you as to how we can serve you with our best programs. We thank you for your interest and for your time.