We are an institution of Christian Higher Education that was established not only to serve the community of Southern California and Orange County and Los Angeles but also students from all over the world. Francis University was launched to provide the highest standards of education with Christian values and inspiration.
Students are able to take a limited number of hybrid-online courses to augment the high quality on-campus, face-to-face instruction they receive from their professors. Many students find that this helps them to fit all of their classes into their busy schedules.
Clubs &
We have a lively and burgeoning on-campus community, with many opportunities for students to get involved, such as student government, chapel services, and various student organizations, all of which add value to your time at Francis.

Bachelor of Religious Business Administration

The application process consists of three steps. All three must be completed before the admission to the University is official.

1. Submit a completed application with required documents and fees.
Please check to make sure your application package is complete before the submission. Incomplete application will delay the processing of your application.

2. Letter of Acceptance
Once your application has been reviewed for approval, we will send you the letter of acceptance along with forms and information regarding subsequent steps. It is important that you read them thoroughly and take the required actions in a timely manner.

3. Intent to Enroll
By returning signed forms with your tuition deposit, you are informing the University that you intend to enroll and to register for classes in the upcoming semester.

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